Before you give your signature above the dotted line, you need to get all of your questions answered. The discovery process can be an exciting time for you to learn about a brand, how they stack up against competitors, and if it’s an opportune time to invest in the market. Our healthy food franchises have a lot to offer hungry entrepreneurs, and today we want to take the time to answer some of your questions.

1. What experience does Aloha have to offer their franchisees?

A franchise agreement is just that — a dual effort by two entities that both have value to offer the other. At Aloha, a lot of that value is on our team’s resume. You’ll work with all levels of our management team, and each member of our team has something unique to offer. Our CEO Chris Birkinshaw, for instance, brings 20 years of business experience in the fast casual food and beverage industry to your disposal. His sage wisdom in new market development and operations has helped grow our business into what it is today, which is just a taste of what experience we can bring to you. 

2. How much does a single unit investment cost?

For a single unit investment that includes the franchise fee, our franchisees can expect to commit $138,000$357,700 to their initial investment. We specify a required net worth and liquidity to qualify, but those will just be supplementary resources as you grow your business. If you’re thinking about financing your investment, we can point you in the right direction to find a third-party group to help spread out your costs.

3. How long is the process, and what initial support can I expect to receive?

The entire startup process will take up to 3 months to get started on the buildout of your healthy food franchise. Those first few weeks are a crucial time for preparation, but, Aloha will work with you to iron out the details so, you don’t have to worry about carrying the whole burden. This includes in-depth support with the following:

  • Acquiring and scheduling inventory
  • Site selection 
  • Location buildout 
  • Restaurant set-up 
  • Equipment purchasing 
  • Insurance

4. How many Aloha locations have you opened to date?

Currently, there are 19 Aloha Poke locations in full operation, with 8 still in development. COVID-19 forced some of our franchisees to stall their process, which is understandable, and we look forward to their grand openings when the dust settles. But to say that we have grown rapidly is an understatement. Our first location opened in 2016, and in two years, we were already able to reach over 15 stores. Once everything returns to normal, we know that there is nowhere but up for Aloha to go.

5. Is the sushi bowl business profitable?

We get this question a lot because people still associate fast casual brands with burger and fry chains. But, did you know that sushi is a $3 billion industry? Not to mention, the poke food market is also expecting to explode from 2019-2023 by an estimated $1.9 billion. You could certainly say there are opportunities to be had for brands like Aloha Poke, the healthy food franchise who entered 2020 red hot. 

Do you want to learn more about our healthy food franchise? If this didn’t answer all your questions, feel free to reach out to a member of our team today.

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