Fast casual dining franchises like Aloha Poke have always relied on the latest technology to stay efficient and offer the most convenience to their customers. Aloha Poke, in particular, thinks outside the box when it comes to our systems, which is why we’re leading the way in the fast casual space. Customers choose us time and time again because we’ve made it easier than ever to enjoy a fresh Hawaiian-inspired meal. Here, learn about a few of the ways we’re using technology to stay ahead of the competition.


We’ve Revolutionized the Point-of-Sale and Ordering Processes

Many fast casual dining franchises utilize a similar ordering process: customers make their way down a line where they order their meal and have it customized to their liking. During this process, they interact with several different people, from employees taking and making their food orders right down the line to the employee ringing them up. 

Not only is this process a hassle for customers, but it also wastes valuable space – this system requires a workspace that extends in length along and behind a sneezeguard. Aloha Poke has reworked this industry practice, optimizing our space and simplifying things for customers and employees.

Customers place their orders with an employee using a customized tablet device that allows them to specify what they want more easily. They simply pay and wait for employees to make their order. This system eliminates the need for the line, reduces the likelihood of miscommunications, and customers only need to interact with one employee. 

It’s simpler for everyone and allows us to set up shop in smaller spaces – and better utilize the space we have. 


Online Orders

Some fast casual dining franchises were caught off-guard when they were temporarily forced to close their dining rooms during the pandemic. Not Aloha Poke! Our online ordering system is highly effective, allowing customers to order online and pick up at their nearest location in just 15 minutes. We’re always working to ensure that our ordering system is among the easiest to use for customers. 

Our goal is to provide customers with a high-quality food service experience that they can’t find anywhere else. Customer loyalty is a critical factor that we consider with each change we make to our business model – we look forward to finding new and exciting ways to help our franchisees stand out for years to come.

These are just a few examples of the many ways technology is changing fast casual dining franchises like ours. Contact us today to learn more about the ways Aloha Poke uses technology in our business.

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