Poke bowl businesses like Aloha Poke Co. are on the cutting edge of food trends. Hawaiian food is growing in popularity and is increasingly being featured in menus across the U.S. Poke is an exceedingly popular dish, which isn’t surprising given that it aligns with the fresh and healthy options more Americans want. However, Aloha Poke Co. doesn’t just stand out because we offer a popular menu. We’ve developed a versatile franchise system that’s proven itself to be more recession-resistant than others. 

Our CEO, Chris Birkinshaw, recently contributed a piece to FastCasual.com –“Aloha Poke reimagining the brick and mortar concept”– which outlines some of the strategies that helped our restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic and should help us stay competitive well into the future. Here, we’ll cover a few of the main points that make us stand out in healthy fast food franchising. 

Cutting the Line

Many fast casual restaurants utilize a 20-25’ production line running through the middle of the restaurant. Customers customize their orders as they make their way up the line. Not only does this take up a lot of valuable space, but it can also make things complicated for customers who want to order takeout – often requiring a second line dedicated to takeout and delivery. 

Because Aloha Poke’s dishes are mostly-raw, we’re able to eliminate a lot  kitchen space right from the start. Furthermore, our order first/pay first model means customers only need to talk to one person instead of repeating their order multiple times to multiple employees as they make their way down the 20-ft service line. The order/pay first method makes things simpler for everyone and leads to a seamless customer experience.

Embracing Emerging Trends

While COVID-19 caught many restaurants off guard, it also helped accelerate trends that were already emerging in the fast casual space. Take delivery services, for example. Our poke bowl business has always embraced services like DoorDash that allow customers to order right from their homes. 

One of the reasons Aloha Poke Co. has been rapidly growing from a single food cart to a national brand is that we embrace trends like these and work to make things simpler and more convenient for our customers whenever possible. Our franchisees can count on us to have our finger on the pulse of new technologies and systems, keeping their restaurants updated so they can stay competitive with the fast casual businesses in their communities. 

Birkinshaw predicts:

The restaurant of the future is being reimagined right now. Winners will continue to own the off-premises experience while simultaneously providing efficiency and rebalancing the amount of expensive square footage dedicated toward an in-person dining experience at a counter-service restaurant.

Be sure to check out the full article on FastCasual.com for more details on how Aloha Poke is an industry leader when it comes to maximizing efficiency. 

Contact us today to learn more about what goes into starting up a new poke bowl business with Aloha Poke Co.

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