If you’re researching healthy restaurant franchises, you’ll want to choose one with plenty of competitive advantages. In today’s market, customers have countless choices, so you’ll want to choose one that stands out. Aloha Poke Co. does just that not only because of our fresh and healthy offerings but also because of our convenient concept. Learn more about the reasons customers love healthy franchises like ours.

The Convenience of Our Healthy Franchise?

With so many of us tied up with work and other activities, nothing beats the convenience of getting a great meal in minutes without leaving our cars. 

In fact, drive-thru sales have skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even when restaurants began reopening in July of 2020, “drive-thru visits still increased 13 percent, the highest among the service modes of on-premises, carryout, and delivery,” according to NPD’s daily tracking of U.S. consumers’ use of restaurants and other foodservice outlets.

However, when we think of fast casual, usually foods like burgers and fries come to mind. Given that 93% of consumers want to eat healthy at least some of the time and 63% try to most or all of the time, there’s a major demand for healthy franchises like Aloha Poke Co. Opening one of our restaurants will allow you to meet that demand in your community. 

Convenience Is Built into Our Model

All of our restaurants offer take-out, delivery and customers can choose whether they’d like to order online or in-person; two of the many ways Aloha Poke Co. prioritizes convenience. Our ingredients are fresh and mostly-raw, so we’re able to prepare bowls very quickly, cutting down on wait time. Along the same lines, innovative point-of-sale systems make it easier than ever for customers to pay quickly before getting on their way. 

Another trend that’s gained widespread traction due to the pandemic is food delivery. Customers love being able to have their favorite meals delivered right to their homes without any hassle. Aloha Poke Co. has also embraced this system, and our customers can find us on platforms like DoorDash. 

The best part about all of this convenience is that it makes things simple for customers and keeps costs down for franchisees. Our initial investment is lower than many fast casual franchises, and is designed to help generate strong returns. When you contact us, we’ll give you a personalized breakdown of what you should expect to spend when you open a restaurant in your area.

Contact Aloha Poke Co. today to learn more about our healthy restaurant franchises and the competitive advantages built right into our system.

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