The QSR industry was faced with plenty of challenges last year, but 2021 could certainly bring a much-needed breath of fresh air. Experts believe that the obstacles we faced throughout 2020 will only fuel growth for QSR franchising as we head into the new year. There might be no better time to start planning an investment, and we want to get you all the information you’ll need to make an educated decision when the time comes. Let’s look at some of the costs to open a poke restaurant with Aloha Poke Co.

By the Numbers:

Before you invest in a franchise business model, take a deeper dive into the big picture numbers and historical financial data. Some franchise brands might hide that information out of fear that the opportunity might not justify the price tag. Aloha Poke offers not only an attractive business concept but also a compelling sales to investment ratio and an opportunity for great cash on cash returns in a profitable industry. We want you to feel confident with your investment, which is why we are transparent about every aspect of our investment. 

Average Unit Volume (AUV): $869,881

Estimated Initial Investment: $138,800 – $357,700

Requirements to Invest:

Franchise Fee: One of the most important payments that you will make upfront is the franchise fee. What we’ve included in that cost are the rights to use the Aloha Poke brand name, sell our products, and gain access to the resources that we have set up for our franchisees. The franchisor can set this cost at their discretion, and some brands in the QSR industry may ask for over $50,000 per store for their initial franchise fee. Aloha’s concept is simple, and we make sure our costs aren’t unrealistic. We want to put you in the best possible position for long term success and not in an unfamiliar situation without a penny to your name. We’ve set our franchise fee at, $35,000 for the first location and $30,000 for each additional location. 

Net Worth and Liquidity: Like any business startup, it’s crucial to have a financial reserve at the ready. Aloha Poke requires investors can substantiate $500,000 net worth and $125,00 liquidity. When you start a business on your own, it’s not easy to always know how much money you should save or spend. Having those liquid assets available from the start will make it much easier to budget your business in the early days. 

Royalty Fee and Ongoing Payments: Our goal is to make sure that Aloha Poke is the superior poke bowl business in the QSR industry for years to come. Our team is continually looking for ways to elevate our product, improve our operations, and maintain a well-rounded style of support and service. Our franchisees ensure that happens by making weekly payments to help support the growth of our business for the benefit of the entire Aloha Poke concept. In addition to royalty payments, our franchisees also have the opportunity to contribute a percentage of their revenue to our marketing fee. As a result, this will help make our brand more recognizable, by giving it a stronger presence both in the local community and nationally which benefits all franchisees. 

If you would like to learn more about the costs to open a poke restaurant, get in touch with our team. We look forward to speaking with you about our exciting opportunity in the QSR industry.

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