Aloha Poke has a fantastic healthy food franchise opportunity for investors who understand that you don’t need to overcomplicate things to get the best results. Our business model is both simple and future-focused. Aloha investors love our brand because they can enter an exciting segment of the fast-casual industry without worrying about struggling to keep up. Let’s check out how our team has mastered this concept and why our simplified business model is perfect for franchise owners of all backgrounds.

Ease of Operation

When we started the Aloha Poke brand, our goal was to create an opportunity that gave owners the ability to oversee their operations, order inventory, and keep track of their sales with ease. Handling multiple tasks is an aspect of owning a quick-service restaurant (QSR) franchise that can often be tricky, especially if you don’t have years of experience running a restaurant. But when you invest in Aloha Poke’s healthy food franchise, you can run everything with ease on a 10-inch tablet. Thanks to our cloud-based software and three tech platforms, all the information you need to run your business is centralized and easy to access. Our operators can keep tabs on all  their Aloha Poke locations and not have to worry about losing track of the details. 

Focused Food Offerings

We’ve realized that having an overabundance of menu options doesn’t always equal a satisfied customer. There are plenty of fast-food brands that have complicated customization and, in turn, missed out on quality. At Aloha Poke, our goal has always been to perfect our product first, because we believe a top-quality bite is always worth coming back for. Our menu has remained simple (though no less delicious) throughout the years, which makes our customers’ decisions and our operators’ jobs much easier. All our food is sourced responsibly and delivered daily to each location with the help of our inventory supply chain. Aloha Poke fanatics are people who want to eat out without feeling the guilt that often comes with a fast-food burger. By keeping our menu simple, our operators are able to get their hands on top-quality tuna, salmon, and chicken that they can feel good about serving to their customers.

Investor-Friendly Buildout 

When you invest in Aloha Poke, we don’t want you to run out of money before you even open your doors. Sure, there are a lot of QSR franchise opportunities out there, but many of them require large build-outs with grills, ovens, fryers, ventilation systems, and other high-end equipment that will only spike your costs. It’s no wonder that a lot of the most popular QSR franchise options require over $1 million to get started. 

Our goal is to bring on investors who want to open multiple locations, and not chase a return on investment. Your store size could range from 250-1,500 sq. feet because, honestly, that’s all the space you’ll need. It all depends on your situation, so your location may include a dining area, or just rely on a patio. But you won’t need to buy any expensive custom cooking equipment or invest in a huge dining room. Aloha Poke franchisees see the payoff through a lower cost of entry – ranging anywhere from $138,800 to $357,700 – and an AUV upwards of $800,000. At Aloha Poke, we know that keeping our layout simple can help keep your costs low and room for growth high. That’s the Aloha difference!

Do you want to learn more about how much it costs to invest in our healthy food franchise? Get started today!

Breaking Down the Numbers with Aloha Poke Co.

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