What’s better than opening a single healthy food franchise with Aloha Poke Co.? The answer would be, opening two or more, of course. We’ve worked hard to make multi-unit ownership a simple and straightforward process that allows franchisees to leverage multiple customer bases to see even stronger returns on their investments. Here, learn more about the benefits of multi-unit franchising and the support you can expect. 

Why Open Multiple Fish Franchises with Aloha Poke Co.?

There are lots of great reasons to choose multi-unit ownership. Depending on your territory size, you might find that there’s a strong enough demand to open multiple locations. In this instance, we’ll help you strategically find great locations that will be especially visible and convenient to your target customers. With the potential to exponentially increase your revenue, why wouldn’t you choose to open multiple locations?

Another beneficial reason to open multiple Aloha Poke Co. locations is that we’ve streamlined the process of opening and operating our restaurants. We try to keep things simple to save on operating costs while maximizing convenience for franchisees and customers. This philosophy proved valuable during the pandemic and will be into the future:

The pandemic has had an effect on all restaurants; however, Aloha Poke is better positioned to overcome these obstacles. Aloha’s smaller average footprint is a competitive advantage keeping monthly occupancy cost at a minimum. -Scott Miller, Multi-Unit Franchisee

Support for Multi-Unit Franchisees

We know that the idea of opening even a single healthy food franchise might seem daunting if you’ve never done it before. When you partner with Aloha Poke Co., you can look forward to comprehensive startup support as you get your new restaurants up and running. A few examples include:

  • Professional training from our experts. You’ll learn the ins and outs of what it takes to keep two or more restaurants running smoothly. 
  • Site selection and build-out. Choosing the perfect locations is more important than ever when it comes to multi-unit franchising. Our real estate experts know just what to look for in potential Aloha Poke locations. 
  • Restaurant setup. This unique setup holds a significant competitive advantage making our fish franchises completely streamlined, meaning no wasted space or resources. You’ll enjoy exclusive access to our proprietary systems and guidance from our team. 

All of these supports make the process of getting started as simple as possible, but our help doesn’t end once you’ve opened your doors. You can also count on us to support you as you grow your restaurant, providing you with resources like refresher trainings, remote guidance, and periodic field business consulting visits. We’re invested in making sure that all of your restaurants stay on the right track.

Contact Aloha Poke Co. today to learn more about exclusive incentives for multi-unit franchisees. 

Breaking Down the Numbers with Aloha Poke Co.

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