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    Super foods. Super investment.

    We are no ordinary poke franchise. The Aloha Poke Co. franchise opportunity is your chance to create a better future for yourself by joining our experienced and savvy team, with an established business model, in an all-around feel-good industry. Who knew there would be such a craze for packing fast, fresh and tasty bowls of quality raw ingredients? We did!

    We are out to fix America’s problem with so many sandwich, burger and pizza concepts. Our customizable, convenient bowls of mostly-raw ingredients can help save American consumers from the effects of too much red meat, carcinogenic cold cuts, and high blood pressure. And, we can help America’s franchisees avoid weak returns on too-big, high-investment restaurants.

    Best of all, we’re positioned to capture the future food marketplace: digital, convenient, focused menu, portable, and healthier. With a killer core product, a flexible footprint, plus a lower capital hurdle, this is your opportunity for great rewards.

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    We are consciously committed.

    Joining us as good stewards to the environment means you can feel good about your business.

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    Less is more.

    A streamlined operation and simplified menu is good for customers and poke franchise owners alike.

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    Presentation is everything.

    Our beautiful bowls showcase the quality and color of our ingredients; they are highly customizable and perfectly Instagrammable!

    Aloha Poke Bowl

    A Decision to Feel Good About

    Aloha Poke Co. is made up of good people who want to build their future around a great product, backed by a philosophy that promotes the welfare of others and the planet we live on. We invite you to join us.

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