The training process is different for each franchise brand, and at Aloha Poke, we have our way of doing things. When you attend Aloha University, our goal is to help prepare you for the road ahead and acclimate you to our brand and core values. Let’s learn about the Aloha Poke franchise training and support program and what you can expect to walk away with after your initial training is complete. 


History and Brand Culture 

Part of our franchisee onboarding process is to teach our franchisees more about what makes Aloha Poke so special. Our company culture, taking environmental stewardship very seriously and leading in sustainability are all part of the core values that play a significant role in the franchise business you are now part of. 

During your training at Aloha University, you’ll learn that a big part of our makeup is the idea that simplicity is foundational to everything we do, a theme you will notice across the entire training experience. Everything about our poke franchise is made more accessible through a streamlined and simple operations process, a focused menu with delicious, sustainably sourced ingredients, and a lower capex buildout. Our franchise training and support is no exception. You’ll begin your journey with a thorough and straightforward training program where you’ll meet the key players who have helped grow our poke franchise. The Aloha team will provide you with the training and expertise you’ll need to elevate your fast casual franchise over the competition. 


Pre-Opening Procedure 

The key to a successful grand opening is making sure everything has been accounted for beforehand. One part of that is your store setup; we will want to make sure that your location meets our brand standards and you’ve hired the right personnel to provide an exceptional fast casual experience. 

In addition to prepping your location, we’ll see to it that people in your community know about your new store. Part of your franchise training and support includes ongoing marketing, and we will guide you through those details throughout your training. 


Inventory, Record Keeping, POS Integration, and More…

It’s our commitment to send all of our franchisees off into their new business in a position for long-term success. Your business’s daily operations might not be your immediate responsibility, but we want to ensure you have the right training to know the inner workings of your poke franchise. This includes and is not limited to the following:

  • Management procedures 
  • Customer service
  • Front/Back of house manager duties
  • Cleaning and closing your restaurant 
  • Inventory, accounting, record keeping 
  • POS software training
  • Safety and security 

If you have other employees who will carry out these duties, our team will provide the training and tools to help them get up to speed. Our operations team will keep these resources updated to meet our brand standards. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our franchise training and support, contact us today, and a member of our Aloha Poke Co. team will be more than happy to assist. 


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