If you’ve considered investing in a fast casual franchise before, don’t hesitate any longer. Our industry is growing, and more people are discovering poke every day. As Aloha Poke grows alongside this demand, we’re looking for qualified investors now more than ever. Now is a better time than ever to invest in the fast casual restaurant industry.


1. The Industry is Growing

By 2027, it’s estimated that the fast casual industry will be worth more than $209 billion. That’s a CAGR of 10.6%. We’re not surprised to see this projection. We’ve observed that our customers need convenience but don’t want to sacrifice quality, which is where restaurants like Aloha Poke come into play. Investing in a fast casual franchise with a focus on quality ingredients is a great way to meet that demand within your own community.


2. Americans are Leading the Way and Want to Eat Healthy

Americans are some of the biggest drivers of fast casual industry growth. What’s more, they increasingly want healthy food much like Aloha Poke has to offer. On the projected growth through 2027, PRS Newswire reports:

Based on region, North America accounted for the highest share based on revenue, holding for nearly half of the global fast casual restaurant market in 2019, and is projected to maintain its dominant position throughout the forecast period. 

This trend is due to the rapid transition toward healthy preferences regarding food choices in this region.

There’s a strong demand for our product in the communities we serve and know that many territories throughout the country would love what we have to offer. 

While our menu is popular among customers with all sorts of dietary preferences,  and those who want to eat healthier and cleaner can always find something to enjoy at Aloha Poke. Because most of our menu is raw, customers know that what they see is what they get: no added grease or deep frying is necessary for them to enjoy great flavor. 

Furthermore, we offer a full menu of sustainably sourced seafood with minimal environmental impact.



3. Investing in a Fast Casual Franchise Comes with Support

If you know you’d like to break into the industry but aren’t sure about how, keep in mind that franchisors like Aloha Poke offer comprehensive support. Even if you’ve never run a restaurant before, we have systems in place designed to simplify the process and keep you on the right track.

You can count on Aloha Poke to help with things like:

  • Finding the right location
  • Marketing your business
  • Implementing effective technology
  • Managing vendor relations

… and much more. When you choose Aloha Poke, you’re buying into a well-established system that’s shown to work.

Contact us today to learn more about what it takes to invest in a fast casual franchise with Aloha Poke.

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